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About MHM

Master's Harbor Ministries was designed to be a "user friendly" ministry for people who's spiritual needs just don't seem to fit so neatly into the box of the formal church.  Though we are not here to take the place of your current church, if you have one, we are here to answer some of the needs you may have that aren't being answered in your church.

The Need to Belong:  Unfortunately, for any number of reasons, many people don't feel welcome in the church they attend or in a church they have attended in the past.   This feeling may or may not be justified, but they are still their feelings.  At MHM you are equal to every other member in the ministry.  We don't know about your past, we don't know how you dress, we don't know how much money you make or your position in life, and more importantly, we don't care.  Each member of MHM, including the Pastor and Staff, is referred to as a Servant.  None of us have lived a life free of sin.  But Christ came to heal the sick, not the healthy.  God knows our faults and He loves us anyway.  Should our standards be higher than those of our Heavenly Father?  No!  Our purpose for being here is to build a close personal relationship with God.  Nothing else matters, only Him.

Don't Have the Time:  It is a fact, that if you want to have a close personal relationship with God, you have to make time for Him.  But it's not the quantity of time, it's the quality of time.  At MHM you will be involved with Christ many times a week, and still not spend as much time as you do when attending church.  Again, we encourage you to attend church, but we also realize that people are busier than ever before and simply can't always afford to give up half your Sunday.  Many others don't have a choice because their job requires them to work on Sunday.  And still, others simply want to relax or watch the game.  With MHM you'll have ample times through the week, three to four on average, to be in the Word.  Messages are delivered right to your Inbox.  You can get them at home, at the office, or on your cell phone.  Anywhere you can access email, you can worship, and most messages don't take over five to ten minutes to review.

I'm Not a Christian:  None of us were born Christians.  Each of us were born into sin and had to find our way into Christianity.  But you know what?  It is the non-Christian who needs the word of God most.  It is the lost that need directions.  It is the blind that need the light to see.  It is the sick that need healing.  Those who are not Christians are welcome at MHM.  Becoming a Christian is much like it was when you got your first job.  We all had to start somewhere and we didn't know everything about our profession when we first started.  But after a few years, we felt right at home.  Being a Christian is not something to fear and it's not something to be ashamed of either.  MHM is not only a place for the seeking non-believer, it is a place for the Christian who feels they are all alone in the world and can't talk to anyone about their faith.  Here, that is not only welcomed, but it is encouraged.  For each time we speak of the impact God has had on our lives, we give confidence to other fellow Servants to speak up as well.  And if we all will speak up and give praise to the Lord, we can make a difference in the world we live in.

I Don't Understand the Bible:  Believe it or not, you are in the majority.  The bible can be very difficult to understand.  Many people believe the bible doesn't fit into their lives today.  They think because it was written nearly 2,000 years ago, that it couldn't possible be able to help them deal with their life here in the 21st Century.  MHM messages provide the Word of God in every message and tie it directly to your life here and now.  Before long, you'll be looking at the bible with new eyes.

I Don't Know How to Serve God:  Serving God is one of the easiest parts of walking a Christian walk.  Most people are just afraid to serve.  They fear being ridiculed, or they are afraid to admit they don't know what is expected.  Or even worse, they haven't forgiven themselves yet and don't feel they are deserving of serving the Most High God.  As mentioned earlier, everyone in MHM is called a Servant.  This is because the quickest path to God's richest blessings in our life is through service.  With each message you will be serving God.  We lead off our messages with prayer requests for people in need.  By praying for others, people you may not even know, you are serving God in one of the best ways possible.  And as you read updates on the people you have prayed for, your faith will grow.  You will realize that God is hearing your voice and answering your prayers.  Another way you will serve God is through reading the Word of God.  As you begin to understand God's Word, you will begin to share with others the impact God is having on your life; another great service to God.  It is called testifying.  So, as you can see, serving God is not at all difficult.  And just the fact that you are doing so places you in a special category.  The category of doers and not talkers.  Your service will bring you closer and closer to God, and the closer you move towards Him, the closer He will move towards you.  The next thing you know, you'll have a close personal relationship with your Heavenly Father.  One that will bring peace and tranquility to your life.

I Don't Know How to Pray:  The myth about prayers is that they have to be oh so eloquent.  Praying is nothing more than talking to God, the same way you would talk to a close friend.  But to help you along, each MHM message includes a prayer from the Pastor for you to read along with.  Then, as you become more and more comfortable, you can start praying on your own.  Give thanks for your food...  "Father, bless this food to the nourishment of my body and bless the hands that have prepared it...  Amen..."  Say a quick silent prayer for a friend or coworker...  "Father, watch over Bill and provide healing to his body.  I ask in Jesus' name...  Amen..."  Simple prayers, yes, but they ring like music in the Father's ear.  The best way to start is to start.  It won't be long before it will come as easy as falling out of bed.

Am I Right for Master's Harbor:  MHM is open to everyone who seeks to find God.  It is open to everyone who seeks to have a better relationship with God.  It is open to everyone who seeks to know God.  It doesn't matter your walk in life.  It doesn't matter what you have or haven't done.  The only things you need to be a part of something special is the desire and an email address.  Remember, there are no fees.  All your debts were paid in full by Christ on the cross.  You are welcome here...

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